Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recent letters in the Herald and Okanagan Saturday

In a letter from Carl and Betty Harris, printed in The Okanagan Saturday, 14 April, 2007:

"[...] We can understand the operation of these facilities cannot be the responsibility of the school district, but we soon learned the decision to demolish [the gym] has already been made. The trustees intend to turn the gym into a loading and unloading area for school buses. In other words, a parking lot.

This facility was brought up to present standards just a few years ago. The city is already being asked for the use of such facilities for various groups, including those recently losing the Nanaimo Hall. Some of these groups even have some dollars and are simply looking for a reasonable deal. We can't believe a parking lot and new buildings is reasonable use of tax dollars.

Next up is the Pen-Hi auditorium. We thought this was a keeper until a new facility could be built. We have a group in this town that is promoting a new performing arts facility. Surely they would support keeping the auditorium until a new one is built. Wrong. Perhaps their feeling is that a hole in the ground would greatly help their demand to raise the $33 million for their recommended facility.

[...] What can you do? Sign the petition and become a little more vocal as a taxpayer."

A letter from Kevin Hanson, head coach of the UBC (Vancouver) men's basketball team, was printed in the April 17, 2007, edition of The Herald.

"I cannot put enough emphasis on the value of the facility you already have. There is a vast difference between adding to what you have versus replacing what you have. You have a unique opportunity to build on something good and make it great. After all, your students and your community are worth the investment."