Monday, May 7, 2007

Carol Ann Trabert: a message from Toronto

The following was sent to me via email:

Please add Leslie Trabert (class of 57) and Carol Ann to your list. There is a facility in our area where the acoustics are excellent, and they refer to it as 'the acoustically incomparable Sharon Temple'. The same could be said for that 737 seat gem that Penticton is so lucky to have. How many millions of dollars were spent, later, on Roy Thomson Hall because in spite of best efforts the acoustics simply didn't 'work' when it was opened. . .

That sort of perfection is virtually impossible to achieve, and would cost many more millions than just the bricks and mortar to replace. Aesthetics? I bet the architectural firm would rise easily to the challenge of incorporating the old as part of the new. After all, that's what's happening all over the world. And it would be a nice addition to their portfolio as well. . . .

Carol Ann Trabert